The pace at the start of the first race of the weekend for Tom was frenetic. All of the riders ahead of Tom set off at a blistering pace, giving Tom work to do to stay with the crowd. Tom began to make up a few places and managed to get some clear track in front of him when disaster struck at Lodge corner.

A combination of cold tyres and a high fuel load meant that Tom ended up running into Lodge too hot, this ran him wide and onto the dirty part of the track, Tom tucked the front and was in the gravel trap and out of the race before the end of the first lap!

Tom said, “As you might have noticed, the first race didn’t go too well for me. We tried a new front tyre, which felt good. The weekend was going so well, and I even put in my personal best lap time during qualifying. So, we went into the race using the new tyre and a couple of tweaks to the front end. I had a bad start and had work to do, so I was trying hard to make up places. Unfortunately, I pushed too hard and binned it on the last corner of the first lap.

Hopefully, I can take the setup into the next race and use that to build up to a solid couple of results for the rest of the weekend?”

Tom will start his second race of the weekend at the back of the grid but hopes to move up the order for the last race on Sunday afternoon.